MotorGuide VariMAX Saltwater-Series Hand-Control Bow-Mount Trolling Motor v55 - $449.88

Fish longer and go farther with advanced Varimax technology. It digitally regulates power flow and electronic pulse width for dramatically increased battery life, letting you run three to five times longer than average. Infinitely variable speed and intuitive push/pull directional control provides responsive handling for precision maneuvering around debris, scouting for big fish or following schools of bait. Monitor speed, battery life and thrust direction with the night- and sunlight-readable LED BluVis monitor. Large 1-1/4" dia. aluminum shaft for stout, corrosion-resistant durability. Powerful and cool-running 3.5" dia. thruster. Includes a rock-solid bow mount. Tested for proven dependability, this high-value motor gives you top-of-the-line performance with a cost comparable to most 5-speed motors. 12-volt VariMAX Trolling motors include a one-year manufacture's warranty. Volts: 12. Type: Bow-Mount Trolling Motor. Thrust (lbs.): 55. Speed: Variable. Shaft Length (in.): 50". Mount: Gator Flex. Model: v55 SW/360. 55lb. - $449.88