MotorGuide Brute Wireless Trolling Motors - $519.88

Cabela's exclusive Brute wireless motors combines pure, boat-pulling power with wireless precision to create a trolling motor so effective and easy to operate, it lets you concentrate completely on catching fish. Its wireless FOB unit lets you move from the front to the back of your boat while keeping total control of the motor. The handheld control unit features intuitive on/off, right/left and variable speed controls, all without the tripping and tangling hassles of corded units. High-speed steering response and 1 steering resolution enables you to make fast, precise course corrections. Variable speed capability permits you to precisely control movement through the water. Deploying the motor is a quick, smooth, one-handed operation. An integrated battery indicator displays four levels of charge. Its composite shaft is 33% stronger than others on the market, and carries a lifetime shaft guarantee. Its Cradle Lock Mount is made to take a pounding and includes a lockable mounting plate and quick-release motor bracket. Motor and FOB carry a three-year warranty. - $519.88