Moto-Gate (FULL SIZE TRUCK) - $59.99

Use as a super-strong nylon cargo net gate at the rear of your truck or as a tie-down to secure large to small loads. The MotoGate and Straps keep your equipment safe and secure while traveling. Ideal for trucks, vans and SUVs. The straps are made of 4,500-lb.-test nylon and the industrial-grade nonslip buckles are made to secure 400-lb. work loads per strap. Made of Soft-Tie, the hook-and-loop straps are scratch-free, ideal for use with tapered-style bars, and they boast double-security stitching for extra durability. Available: Full-Size Truck Compact Truck Premium Tie-Downs Size: FULL SIZE TRUCK. Type: Cargo Net. - $59.99