Mossback Muley Freaks DVDs - $8.88

Join the Mossback team for exciting archery, muzzleloader and late-rifle deer hunts with the Mossback Muley Freak DVDs. Available: Volume 2 Features 21 hunts. Nine bucks are taken down, with racks ranging from 215 to 283. See Robert Kays 283 giant nontypical,the largest buck from Arizona in 2011. Youll even get to see the famous Antelope Island buck nicknamed WD-40, a 240 nontypical, and another dubbed 38 Special, a 245 nontypical. More than an hour of muley freak footage! 105 minutes. Volume 3 Features 12 hunts. Several giant bucks with racks from 224 on up get taken down in Colorado, Utah and more. See Denny Austads 271 Splitter Buck from Antelope Island, the biggest buck killed in the USA in 2012. Watch John Montgomerys 254 G2 buck and much, much more. 70 minutes. - $8.88