Mossback Bull Busters Series Dvds - $14.99

Season after season, Team MossBack invites you along on their elk hunts for intense bull-busting action.Available: Bull Busters Volume 1: From Arizona to Utah, Team MossBack seeks out the biggest bull elks around and 90% of the time these hunts happen on public land. Includes bulls up to 400, glassing tips and calling techniques that bring the bulls in close. 70 minutes. DVD. Bull Busters Volume 2: This action-packed elk-hunting DVD delivers 19 hunts and 12 kill shots, including Heather Farrars 402 Utah bull. This year, Team MossBack grounds giants with archery shots as close as 7 yards and others are taken by long-range rifle fire. From Arizona to Washington and many points in between, tag along and enjoy the ultimate in big-game action. 90 minutes. DVD. - $14.99