Mosquito Magnet Executive USA Trap - Black (EXECUTIVE USA TRAP) - $749.99

Mosquitoes and other biting insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. The Mosquito Magnet Executive USA Mosquito Trap converts propane into carbon dioxide with its patented catalytic conversion technology. When mosquitoes, black flies, biting midges and other biting pests get close enough to the Mosquito Magnet trap, the patented Counterflow technology vacuums these pests into the net where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. Around-the-clock operation is silent, odorless and effective no matter what weather condition. You will notice results within seven to 10 days. Allow four weeks for an even greater decrease in the insect population. incorporates Smart Technology with advanced system diagnostics to save fuel and enhance efficiency. Ideal for big yards and pool areas. It has four fuel-saving modes, a day/night sensor, a temperature sensor that shuts the unit down and restarts it based on temperatures mosquitoes are active in, and a rechargeable battery with a remote battery charger and low-battery indicator. Powered by a 20-lb. propane cylinder (not included). Size: EXECUTIVE USA TRAP. Color: Black. - $749.99