Mosquito Magnet Lures and Quick-Clear Cartridges - $19.99

Lures work in conjunction with the Mosquito Magnet for optimal mosquito-free results. The carbon dioxide from the Mosquito Magnet draws them in and the secondary attractants (Octenol or Lurex3) seal the deal. Available:Octenol Ideal for those who live on the coast or Northern regions of the U.S. and Alaska. Attract mosquitoes, No-See-Ums and black flies. 3-pack. Lurex3 Attracts aggressive day-biters, such as the Asian Tiger mosquito and is ideal for the Southern U.S. region and Hawaii. 3-pack.QuickClear Cartridge Recommended for use after each cylinder change and before seasonal storage for optimal trap performance. Clears fuel-line clogs from contaminants in the propane. Compatible with all Mosquito Magnet Traps. 3-pack. Type: Insect Repellents. Size Quickclear Cartriges. - $19.99