Morrell's Yellow Jacket C-XP2 Target Combo - $79.88

Set up your range with two targets for one low price. This combo includes the Yellow Jacket Field Point and Broadhead targets for year-round practice. The C-XP2 broadhead has multilayer density to stop any broadhead from any compound bow. The foam seals up tightly when the arrow is removed to minimize broadhead damage and enhance the target's longevity. The Yellow Jacket C-XP2 field-point target will stop the fastest carbon and heaviest aluminum arrows. The Internal Frame System creates a consistent depth throughout the target, making it capable of stopping arrows that hit near the edges. The stuffing in the C-XP2 field-point target never wears out, so you can purchase new covers as needed. Both targets are 100 weatherproof and have an integrated carry handle. Includes:C-XP2 broadhead (18" x 18" x 18", 17 lbs.) C-XP2 field-point (18" x 18" x 12", 17 lbs.) Type: Foam Targets. - $79.88