Moonshine RV Series Spoons - Translucent - $8.99

Go after predatory fish with Moonshines RV Series Spoons that virtually come alive on retrieval. Lifelike wobble action and a patented glow-paint finish create a presentation thats irresistible to fish. Custom translucent holographic tape adds the appearance of scales without limiting the glow finish. Per each. Size: 5, 3/4 oz. Colors: (001)Blue Flounder, (002)Glow Bloody Nose, (003)Flounder Pounder, (004)Crab Face, (005)Atomic Melon, (010)Mongolian Beef, (012)Agent Orange, (038)Blue Jackal, (047)Green Jeans, (087)Blue Jeans, (218)Happee Meal, (232)JJ Mac Muffin, (263)Bad Toad, (270)Rachet Jaw, (300)Sand Burr, (928)Wonderbread. Color: Translucent. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $8.99