Montana MOO Cow Decoy - $89.99

Get closer to your quarry with this nonthreatening cow decoy. Cattle are common in most states and dont evoke a flight response from game animals. It can be used on a variety of species, including geese, antelope, mule deer, wild pigs, predators and more. Convenient mesh window provides visibility and conceals your face while stalking. Its unfolded 58H x 40W size easily hides your body movement. Folds to a compact 19 circle thats 2 thick. Two poles feature sharpened tips and foot pegs for driving into hard ground. Fabric is made of durable 100% polyester. Imported.Weight: 48 oz. (including poles).Dimensions: 58H x 40W.Folded dimensions: 19 dia. x 2 thick. Type: Cow Decoys. - $89.99