Team Realtree Monster Bulls 6 And 7, 7 And 8 Dvd Combos - $19.99

Monster Bulls 6 takes you on 13 awesome elk hunts from Arizona to New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Watch Michael Waddell arrow an unbelievable 387" bull. Also, Tyler Jordan takes his first elk ever on this 100-minute DVD. Monster Bulls 7 has more big, screaming bulls than ever. You'll be in the heart of the best elk hunting in the country. See 14 awesome elk hunts, 11 of them bowhunts, from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. This 80-minute DVD includes bonus footage of Jeff Foxworthy's Northwest Territories Dall sheep adventure. Monster Bulls 8 features more than a dozen awesome elk hunts from all over the mountain states. 80 minutes. DVD.Available:Monster Bulls 6 and 7 Combo A combined 180 minutes of hunting excitement.Monster Bulls 7 and 8 Combo 160 minutes of fantastic elk hunting. - $19.99