Gun Tote'n Mamas Concealed-Carry Basic Hobo Handbag/Mace Pepper-Spray Gun Combo - $99.99

Money-saving combo matches one of our most popular concealed-carry handbags with a nonlethal pepper-spray gun that takes out attackers up to 25 ft. away. Gun includes 28-gram OC cartridge that contains up to seven 25-ft. blasts. Trigger-activated LED (batteries required) allows better aim at night and will temporarily disorient your assailant. The gun comes loaded with a water-test cartridge for practice. The Basic Hobo is constructed of tumbled leather, microfiber polyester, or polyester weave, depending on color. It includes a removable, slash-resistant reinforced strap and a padded ambidextrous internal holster that fits compact semiautomatics and small revolvers. Two zippered main compartments. Imported.Dimensions main compartments: 7-12H x 9W.Overall dimensions: 7-12H x 12W x 4-14D. Available: Zebra Microfiber Polyester, Black Leather, Saddle Tan Leather, Seclusion 3D Polyester Weave, Red Leather. - $99.99