Moldcraft Offshore Kits - Silver/Black - $54.99

These offshore trolling kits are rigged and ready to tackle saltwater bruisers. Available: The Tuff Hoo Kit features four rigged Tuff Hoo combos. A Jr. Hooker in Pink/White, a Jr. Bobby Brown in Dolphin/Pink, a Jr. Wide Range in Purple/Silver/Black and a Little Super Chugger in Black/Pink. Rigged on No. 7 wire with 8/0 hook. The Dolphin and Tuna Kit includes a Little Super Chugger in Mackerel/Pink, a Little Hooker in Black/Pink, a Little Bird/Chugger combo in Dolphin/Pink and a Little Bird/Hooker combo. All are rigged on 130-lb. mono with 8/0 hooks. Color: Silver/Black. - $54.99