Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap - $67.10

Injuries happen to the best of us, regardless of whether they're sports related or the result of pure clumsiness. But, regardless of how it occurred, you need to treat it with ice and heat if you lead an active lifestyle. Enter the Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap. With this at your disposal, you can say goodbye to wet, freezing skin, feeble compression, and needlessly long recovery times. So, you're probably wondering what makes the Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap different than your home-remedy, bag of frozen peas and athletic gauze tape combo' Besides not being able to eat Moji's proprietary gel, the two systems are light years apart. As the name implies, the Ice & Heat wrap is capable of both cold compression and heat therapy. This is made possible, in part, by what Moji calls its Fusion Cell. Basically, this is the pliable container that's responsible for containing the gel. Upon first glance, you'll notice that the six prongs and two center channels are immediately intriguing. And more than just an eyebrow-raiser, this shape assists in the Fusion cell's conformity to your body. However, we should note that there are a few variables involved with this function -- one being the gel itself. Instead of simply wrapping coarse, wet, and brittle ice over the skin, Moji's gel softly adapts to your shape and is free from condensation. So, you can say goodbye wet, clammy skin. Further aiding the precise fit is the wrap itself. This is made possible by its compressive qualities, and its ability to stretch over 200 times its original form. The combination of the pliable cell and compressive wrap make the system compatible with twelve areas of the body -- shoulder, groin, kneed, ankle, hip, hamstring, calf, Achilles, piriformis, quad, shin, and foot. For its usage, Moji recommends that you heat the afflicted muscle group before exercise, and use cold compression afterwards. Both applications are simple to arrange. - $67.10