Moji Neck+ Heat Wrap - $51.70

Heat Therapy. For some, this is a vital aspect to recovering from ailments and muscle fatigue. For others, it's simply a soothing way to end a long day. However, both parties enjoy its therapeutic benefits for the same reasons, only with different motives. But, with the Moji Neck+ Heat Wrap, both schools of thought will receive the same warm hug, targeted directly at the areas in need of relief. No, this isn't the bolero of the future, although it does share a similar cut, it's the Neck+ Heat Wrap. Moji designed the wrap to comfortably fit over the shoulder, back, and of course, the neck. Accordingly, the wrapping design greets the contours of the back and neck to provide ample heating coverage. The wrap itself is conforming due to its four-way stretch construction, and the heat is sustaining and moist because of the internal silica beads. To operate it, pop the wrap into the microwave for around two minutes, and then you're ready for relaxation. Even better, Moji designed the Neck+ Heat wrap to be worn two ways. So, you can heat your neck area, or flip the wrap and heat your middle to upper back. The Moji Knee Ice Wrap is available in the color Black and in the sizes One and Two. - $51.70