Moji Knee Ice Wrap - $74.25

So, you're probably wondering what makes the Moji Knee Ice Wrap different than your home-remedy, bag of frozen peas and athletic gauze tape combo' Besides not being able to eat Moji's proprietary gel, the two systems are light years apart. As the name implies, the Ice Wrap is designed for cold compression therapy. This is made possible, in part, by what Moji calls its Cold Cell. Basically, this is the pliable, Dri-Lex fabric container that's responsible for containing the frozen gel. Upon first glance, you'll notice the asterisk-like shape, multiple channels, and honeycomb fabric design. And more than just an eyebrow-raiser, this shape assists in the Cold cell's conformity to your knee. However, we should note that there are a few variables involved with this function -- one being the gel itself. Instead of simply wrapping coarse, wet, and brittle ice over the skin, Moji's gel softly adapts to your shape and is free from condensation. So, you can say goodbye wet, clammy skin. Further aiding the precise fit is the wrap itself. This is made possible by the compressive qualities of the stretchy Polartec fabric. The combination of the pliable cell and compressive wrap make the system compatible with the articulation of your knee, permitting a full range of movement.To utilize the wrap's targeted cold compression, Moji recommends positioning the cell over the center of the knee cap, and then adjusting the compression straps from the thigh and the calf. Keep the cell in the freezer until you're ready to apply the compression. Moji says that the cell will remain cold for the recommended 20-minute icing protocol. The Moji Knee Ice Wrap is available in one color and four sizes from One to Four. - $74.25