Moji Back Pain Relief System - $97.70

Lower back pain is many things at once. Simultaneously, it's annoying, painful, debilitating, and inhibiting. Luckily, Moji has created one system to soothe multiple kinds of back pains with the Back Pain Relief System. Just as the name implies, this system is your ticket to long-needed relief. Any physical therapist will tell you that lower back pain falls into multiple categories, but for this exercise, we'll place a broad focus on two root causes -- chronic and injury-related. Along these lines, the Moji Back Pain Relief System provides effective therapy for both roots of the ailment. How' Well, the system comes equipped with two individual cells that are equally conforming. For injury-related distress, use the Moji Cold Cell to calm nerve endings and to decrease inflammation. This cell features a moisture wicking fabric that will keep your skin dry and comfortable. Meanwhile, the cell also uses a proprietary film that keeps the Cold Cell soft and pliable right out of the freezer. Combined, the cold therapy system provides an even, targeted pressure to aid in your recovery and comfort. For chronic lower back pains, Moji recommends using its exclusive Heat Cell. This cell uses a multi-layered insulation to stretch the longevity of its application to the skin. Additionally, Moji found that a touch of moisture adds to the soothing, therapeutic quality of heat therapy, so, it added internal moisture beads between the layers of insulation. Both cells easily attach to the Moji support wrap. This wrap features a four-way stretch construction that's been designed to greet the contours and curves of the spine. So, you're guaranteed to have an almost-custom, conforming layer of therapeutic surface coverage. The wrap has an adjustable closure over the front of the torso. With this design, you don't have to worry about the system self-adjusting or inhibiting your movement. - $97.70