Mistral Syncro Style Windsurf Board 84L 59cm - $749.95

Aside from being affordable, durable and fun the Mistral Syncro Style Sailboard 84L 59cm has many facets that make it the perfect buy. You are looking at a improved rocker line and offers more performance based results. The board features a 3 to 4 foot strap setting that allows for a faster speed. Perfect for freestyle and the speed allows for better jumping, there's no better board than this.Key Features of the Mistral Syncro Style Sailboard: A very nice shape and deck flow, a slightly wider nose, and fuller rails, the board really performs great. It has a similar rocker line to the 2009 version and the improvements offers more of the do-it all performance the Syncro line stands for: freestyle, full control in the jibe, fast for better jumping, and with a rocker that is flat enough to handle any chop you will have to deal with. The board can be set up with either a 3-foot straps setting or an outboard 4-foot straps setting. The 3-foot straps setting is for more maneuver ability and improved performance for jumping and moving around on the water. The 4-foot straps setting makes it easier to have full pressure on the rail, giving you a faster board. - $749.95