Minelab Explorer SE Metal Detector Combo - $1,459.99

The Explorer SE is the third generation in the Explorer line and will surpass anything you've seen for depth sensitivity and superior target discrimination. This unit also takes advantage of Minelab's FBS technology, which means the signal received from the detector coil is analyzed by a wide range of responses. That allows the target identification to be more accurate. Ground balancing is automatic with advanced digital filtering to find what you're looking for in all types of soil from dry clay to wet, black sand or rich loam. Iron Mask with full ferrous discrimination capability. Quickstart setting nearly eliminates the learning curve. Comes with NiMH rechargeable battery pack.The super-durable, high-fidelity stereophones will help you stay more focused on hidden fortunes. They use an anisotropic magnet and 1.4-mil mylar element for deep bass and treble clarity. A leather ear cushion surrounds and seals off your ear for outstanding bass performance.This combo includes a heavy-duty carry bag to keep your treasured tool safe in. The industrial-quality polyester fabric keeps your detector protected. Great for storage and traveling. Comes with nylon zippers, carry handles, shoulder strap and zipper-close side pouch for maps. Fits all Minelab detectors. Carry bag includes manufacturer's lifetime warranty for original purchaser. - $1,459.99