Mighty Bite Fishing System - Assorted (ASSORTED KIT) - $11.88

Invented by pro angler Jeff Mancini, the Mighty Bite is a complete system thats proven effective on all predatory fish. Its innovative Scent Sticks and interchangeable swim fins are powerful fish attractors. As it swims, it creates a powerful scent trail that not only gets fish to strike, it gets them to strike more often. The unique spasmic action creates an underwater disturbance that draws fish in for a closer look. Plus, the red screw-in nose hooks add even more lifelike action to increase your hookup. Includes: 10 Mighty Bite lures, eight adjustable fins, four assorted size rattles, 11 scent sticks, two nose hooks, two extra-wide-gap hooks, weed guards, tail weights, locking pin and detailed instructions on how to fish the Mighty Bite. Size: ASSORTED KIT. Color: Assorted. - $11.88