Midwest Classic Collection Wood Table Top Crate - $124.99

This elegantly handcrafted crate cover has a durable, cherry hardwood finish, and doubles as an attractive end table to complement your living room or bedroom set. It can also stand freely as a centerpiece to any rooms decor. Its great for smaller rooms with less room for your pets kennel, yet still gives your pet a special place of its own. Three sizes fit over specific iCrate kennels (not included), which allow for proper ventilation and visibility while still protecting the crate cover from wear and tear.Available: 24 Fits over iCrate models 1524, 1524DD and 1324TD. Dimensons: 29L x 22W x 21H. Weight: 20 lbs. 36 Fits over iCrate models 1536, 1536DD and 1336TD. Dimensions: 41L x 27W x 26H. Weight: 35 lbs. 42 Fits over iCrate models 1542, 1542DD, 1342TD, 1642, 1642DD, 1642UL. Dimensins: 48L x 34W x 33H. Weight: 50 lbs. - $124.99