Midwest Black Polyester Crate Covers - Black with Taupe contrast cording (22) - $12.99

Provide your pet with a quiet, private sanctuary while traveling or waiting for you at home. This easy-to-use crate cover slips over the top of most dog crates to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. The cover offers proper ventilation and can be accessed from multiple sides. It also allows access to the slide-out plastic pan in the crate for easy removal and cleaning. Made of durable, washer- and dryer-safe black polyester. Securely held in place by Velcro tabs. Imported. Sizes: 22 23L x 13.5W x 15H 24 24.5L x 17.5W x 19H 30 30.5L x 20W x 20.5H 36 36L x 23.5W x 24H 42 43L x 30W x 30H 48 48.5L x 31W x 31H Color: Black with Taupe contrast cording. Size: 22. Color: Black with Taupe contrast cording. Type: Crate Covers. - $12.99