Midland GXT2000VP4 Radio Pack - $119.99

This premium set of handheld radios includes lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries that last up to 50% longer and can be recharged more frequently than other batteries. These batteries also have a rapid-charge feature that recharges them eight times faster than standard rechargeable batteries, in approximately 1-1/2 hours. Polymer battery pack charges in just 2 hours and keeps the power for when you need it. They boast a 36-mile range with 50 channels, 28 more special channels and dynamic, high-definition audio. Additional features include a waterproof structure, SOS siren, whisper mode, 284 privacy codes, nine levels of eVox hands-free operation, instant weather and channel scans, an NOAA weather alert radio, silent operation, a headset jack and much more. In addition to the rechargeable batteries, this value pack also includes a desktop charger, AC and DC adapters and headsets. - $119.99