Micro Temp Digital Infrared Thermometer - $19.88

With a simple press of the button you can instantly determine the temperature of virtually anything you point the laser at even from a distance. This unique digital thermometer can be used for canvassing a stream or lake for likely fishing spots, and it's perfect for determining hatches, spawning times and feeding periods. Instantly locate cold or warm spots to quickly eliminate unproductive waters, without disturbing the surface and alerting fish to your presence. When not fishing, this handy device can be used for detecting a clogged catalytic converter, misfiring spark plug, sticking brake shoes and countless other uses. With so many practical applications, as well as a phenomenal fishing tool, it's a perfect gift for any outdoorsman, mechanic, horticulturist or hobbyist. Models:MT-100: -27 to 230 F MT-PRO: -76 to 932 F - $19.88