Metolius Screw On Rails 3 Pack - $28.76

Screw-On Rails by Metolius Are yet another radical new addition to the Metolius training line. They Are, like the plates, mini Features for your wall. Their intricate micro-Features Are excellent for use as miniature hand or footholds for increased difficulty. They Are cool because you can cross or match on them, something you can't do easily on most small to medium holds. And they attach to the wall via our heavyweight, self-driving decking screws, so they can be mounted ANYWHERE and Are not dependant upon your t-nut grid. Rails provide yet another way to keep your training fun by adding variety to your wall. Features of the Metolius Screw On Rails Long, low-profile holds that attach to Wooden walls with self-drilling screws Set of 3 Screw-On Rails packaged on a card Attach to Wooden walls with self-drilling screws Go where bolt-on holds won't Includes mounting hardwAre 4 different sets available - $28.76