Metolius Men's Safe Tech Deluxe Harness - $83.96

The Metolius Men?s Safe Tech Deluxe Harness is a Climbing harness built for guys that like to climb. The reinforced tie-in point and two belay/rappel loops beef up the harness for a long lasting piece of gear, ready for climb after climb. From daily gym use to long weekends with the boys, the foam waistband cushions the lower back and spreads weight out evenly so you can spend more time in the harness. Adjustable at three points thanks to the tough buckles, you can layer up or strip down to shorts on the hotter days. Racking made easy with four gear loops, the two at the back lay flat while the front two protrude outwards for easy grabbing of quickdraws. Features of the Metolius Men?s Safe Tech Deluxe Harness Improved gear loop configuration with updated diamond pattern body fabric Reinforced tie in point Two belay/rappel loops to minimize clutter while setting up for rappels or multi pitch belays Maximum comfort for men Our patented, adjustable-rise 3-D system creates the best-Fitting harness in the world Ergonomically shaped components for unhindered movement Four gear loops Rear haul loop The Specs for Extra Small Waist Measurement: 24 - 27in. / 61 - 69 mm The Specs for Small Waist Measurement: 27 - 30in. / 69 - 76 mm Waldo Waist Measurement: 29.0 - 31.5in. / 74 - 80 mm The Specs for Medium Weight: 19 oz / 539 g Waist Measurement: 30 - 33in. / 76 - 84 cm Waldo Waist Measurement: 31.5 - 35.0in. / 80 - 89 cm The Specs for Large Waist Measurement: 33 - 37in. / 84 - 94 mm Waldo Waist Measurement: 35.0 - 39.0in. / 89 - 99 cm The Specs for Extra Large Waist Measurement: 37 - 41in. / 94 - 104 mm - $83.96