Metolius 30 Hold Mega Pack - $87.16

Take the mystery out of buying Climbing holds with a Mega Pack by Metolius. It's like a Climbing wall in a box. All you need to add is the frame and plyWood! Hugely popular, each Mega Pack includes a sampling of everything from Screw-On Hand and Foot Holds to Micros, Modulars and Mini Jugs, to Macros, Roof Jugs and Screw-on Corners (see below!). Plus you get all the mounting hardwAre and our "How to Build a Home Bouldering Wall" Booklet. The Mega Packs Are a random mix chosen from all of our 7 hold lines combined. Features of the Metolius 30 Hold Mega Set 5 Screw-On Footholds 5 Screw-On Handholds 1 Screw-On Rail 1 Screw-On Outside Corner 4 Screw-On Modulars 5 Micros 4 Modulars 4 Mini Jugs 1 Macro/Roof Jug How to Build a Home Bouldering Wall booklet - $87.16