MET Veleno Helmet - $104.95

Surely, you've been waiting with bated breath for MET's Veleno Helmet to land stateside, and we're happy to tell you that your wait is over. Now, for the first time, you gain access to one of the most technologically advanced, and comfortable, cross country helmets on the market. MET takes comfort seriously, however, it doesn't just aimlessly punch multiple ports into its designs to achieve this. Instead, MET developed a protocol called Air Scale to measure ventilation. Simply put, it measures two essential parameters -- the Head Contact Surface (HCS) and Cooling Factor (CF). The HSC indicates the percentage of the head that's in contact with the helmet. Why is this important' Well, common sense tells us that when HCS is high, there's simply no room for air to circulate. So, this lets MET design the HSC at a minimum, and in this case, the Veleno rests at 65%. Meanwhile, MET uses an advanced testing system called Fluid Flow Analysis (much like Computational Fluid Dynamics software) that measures the velocity and temperature of airflow as it passes through the helmet. This means that heat buildup is decreased as the design adapts to testing, accordingly giving its CF rating a 7.5 out of 10. Further adding to the Veleno's low CF are MET's Gel02 front interior pads and patented Coolmax anti-allergenic interior pads. And not only do these reduce pressure on the skull and skin, but they also encouraging rapid evaporation of perspiration for a cooling comfort. The pads aren't for impact protection, however, that's left to the Veleno's In-Mold Intelligent Fusion construction. What is this' Simply put, In-Mold means that the shell and outer are bound during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the shock resistant shell is fused to the impact absorbing EPS foam inside. And taking a step even further, MET also reinforced the Veleno around its numerous vents in order to add structural integrity. - $104.95