MET Estro Helmet - $104.95

You can have ventilation or you can have aerodynamics. Take a look at speed-focused TT helmets -- they have minimal holes in the shell because it causes turbulence. MET set out to make the Estro Helmet as wind deceptive as possible while remaining well ventilated. To achieve this, MET did not aimlessly punch as many ports into the Estro's design as possible. Instead, they developed a protocol that measures a helmets performance in terms of ventilation called Air Scale. Simply put, it measures two essential parameters -- the Head Contact Surface (HCS) and Cooling Factor (CF). The HSC indicates, with a percentage, how much of the head is in contact with the helmet. This lets them design the HSC so it's at a minimum, in this case 65%. This helps the Estro decrease heat buildup and gives it a CF of 7.5 out of ten. Adding to that low CF is Gel02 front pads and Coolmax anti-allergenic interior pads. These reduce pressure, while encouraging rapid evaporation of perspiration for excellent comfort. The pads arent for impact protection, however, that's left to the Integral-In-Molding construction. In-molding means the shell and outer are bounded during the manufacturing process. The shock resistant shell is fused to the impact absorbing EPS foam inside. MET also reinforces the Estro around its twenty vents to ensure structural integrity. Keeping the Estro in place and snug is a Safe-T Smart retention system. It uses a micro retention system that features both horizontal and vertical adjustment. Due to this, the pressure is distributed across a broader surface to increase performance and comfort. Finishing the Estro tour is a Coolmax anti-pinch buckle that's breathable and easy to extract, like the pads, for washing. MET equips the Estro Helmet with reflective elements for low light safety. It comes in either Medium or Large, and four colors; White/Red, White/Green, White/Black, and Black. - $104.95