Mepps Musky Killer Tandem Bucktail - Silver/Black - $14.99

Packed with all the action muskie and trophy-pike fishermen are after, in a package 143% larger than the standard Mepps Musky Killer. The tandem bucktail enhances the profile of this legendary muskie bait to mimic the size and shape of a large sucker or perch. Its No. 7 solid-brass blade throws a highly visible flash and a massive thump that can be felt all the way through your rod. The tarnish-resistant, silver plated blade creates a flash superior to nickel or chrome. Heavy-duty 5/0 cone-cut treble hook is followed by a 3/0 stinger hook. Weight: 1-1/3 oz. Colors: (005)Silver/Black, (144)Silver/Yellow, (831)Gold/White. Color: Silver/Black. Type: Inline Spinners. - $14.99