Men's UA Micro G(R) Split Running Shoes - $79.99

WHY WE MADE IT: Your feet generate a ton of heat when you pound out the miles. We built UA Micro G(R) Split Running Shoes to be lightweight and super-fast. And they are. But we also had the unique opportunity to build them with UA HeatGear(R) fabric-to pull away the heat and sweat you generate. With cooler, drier feet, and super-light shoes, you'll be ready to push on just a little longer. Low-profile, super-cushioning Micro G(R) foam will be there, stride for stride, to convert the downward impact on your shoes into forward energy. You've cut your last run short because your feet are uncomfortable. We know you'll be cool with that. When you step into the incredibly light Micro G(R) Split Running Shoes, you'll feel it. They may feel super light, but they're also equally supportive. Heel-to-toe HeatGear(R) fabric upper wicks moisture to keep your feet light and cool mile after mile. Our all-new Micro G(R) foam cushioning system is light, super-thin and super-responsive. Its claim to fame is its ability to convert the downward impact of each step into forward energy. Run hard. Tread lightly, with super-light Micro G(R) Split Running Shoes. Thin, light, full-length Micro G(R) foam cushions as well as any traditional, bulkier foam, and also rebounds your heel-strike energy, creating forward momentumDurable UA HeatGear(R) fabric wicks sweat to keep your feet cool and dryTough, lightweight carbon and blown rubber outsole cushions as well as provides superior tractionWeight: 9.1 oz.Imported - $79.99