Men's UA Charge RC Storm Running Shoes - $89.99

WHY WE MADE IT: We had a bit of an advantage in designing the UA Charge RC. The best athletic shoe designers in the business-with all of Under Armour's technologies and innovation at their disposal. Upfront, UA HeatGear(R) compression fabric squeezes forefoot muscles to make them more efficient and more fatigue-resistant. A two-piece upper actually evolves your foot's anatomy, giving it natural flex and support. Our molds-to-your-foot inner liner keeps your foot from slipping around inside as you fly along-propelled by freakishly efficient innovations down below that actually convert your downward energy into upward, forward energy. You've simply never experienced running shoes even close to these before. No one has. Now's your chance. They're going-fast. Rain. Heat. Pain. Fatigue. A lot of things can derail your run. We wanted to create a shoe that can fight them all off and keep it on track. The UA Charge RC Storm packs seven game-changing innovations-including weather-defying, water-repelling UA Storm technology-into shoes that weigh less than 10 ounces. They're built to be your all-conditions, all-courses, all-day-every day-running shoes. UA Storm gear uses a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to repel water without sacrificing breathabilityUA HeatGear(R) fabric wicks away sweat to keep feet cool, dry, and lightFull-length Micro G(R) foam turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffsCarbon fiber spring plate built into midsole transfers heel-strike energy forwardPadded MPZ(R) toe and tongue protect your footMolded 4D Foam(R) footbed conforms to your foot's exact shape, eliminating slippageUltra-soft 4D Foam(R) around collarThinner midsole for better stability and road feelMountain bike inspired tread lets you move fast and cut quickly off roadTwo-piece upper encourages your foot to flex naturallyUA compression fabric in forefoot for an ultra-secure fit and reduced muscle fatigueBlown rubber cushions the forefoot while carbon rubber adds durability to the heel9.25 oz. - $89.99