Men's UA 9" Coreshorts Prima - $27.99

UA Coreshorts were built to take the toughest athletes to the next level. They feature our patented X-shaped elastic support system, which delivers unparalleled performance across your entire core-hips, hamstrings, pelvis, quads, and groin. The X band works like a slingshot to prevent these muscles from moving out of sync with each other. Through every cut, sprint, and jump, your muscles stay aligned, giving you more speed and more power. Revolutionary X Band design mimics the functional anatomy of the body's core area to boost muscle performanceLighter stretch woven X Band fabric is ideal for practice and off-field use4-way stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shapeSignature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body 9" inseamPolyester/ElastaneImported - $27.99