Men's NFL Combine Authentic 9" Coreshorts - $44.99

WHY WE MADE IT: UA's Coreshorts were built to take the toughest athletes to the next level. The idea started in hockey locker rooms. Trainers would tape up the most physical players, so they could reach peak performance during long stretches on the ice. UA brought them off the ice and onto the field to perform for all athletes. These aren't your everyday compression shorts. UA Coreshorts are super-super tight, strategically wrapping your core in our patented X Band squeeze. You get increased speed, power, and stamina...even faster recovery time. Wear 'em when your body has to keep up with your will-when you're pushing yourself to new levels of personal performance. UA Coreshorts are like UA Compression, but tighter and tougher. They feature our unique X-shaped elastic support system, which delivers unparalleled performance across your entire core-hips, hamstrings, pelvis, quads, and groin. The X band works kinda like a slingshot to prevent these muscles from moving out of sync with each other. Through every cut, sprint, and jump, your muscles stay aligned, giving you more speed and more power. Our Men's UA Coreshorts also wick away moisture to make sure you stay drier and more comfortable-no matter how hard you train. Revolutionary X Band design mimics the functional anatomy of the body's core area to boost muscle performanceBuilt for training and mobility, with a lighter weight for long intense practices4-way stretch fabrication improves mobility and accelerates dry time, while maintaining shapeSuperior Moisture Transport System keeps you cool, comfortable, and focused on your game9" inseam5.8 oz. Nylon/ElastaneImported - $44.99