Men's Capture Fleece Hunting Jacket - $99.99

Among other things-like stealthy fabric and heat-holding, quick-dry technology-the camouflage Men's Capture Hunting Jacket is armed with UA Capture(R) technology. It traps your scent in the fabric and keeps odor-causing bacteria from multiplying. Game prey have an incredibly heightened sense of smell. They can detect things farther, faster, and better than even the most seasoned outdoorsman. This jacket is your defense...and your offense. Stay focused. Stay undiscovered. Make your move. UA Capture(R) technology suppresses scent with a polymer-treated inner lining that traps odors before they can be detectedUltra-quiet fabrication with strategically placed 4-way stretch material for superior stealthBrushed fleece interior is soft to the touch and traps heat like a beast, so you can concentrate in the fieldAdvanced moisture management technology and fast-drying fabrication keep you drier, longerZippered pockets for secure storage and added hand warmth100% PolyesterImported - $99.99