Men's Basemap 1.5 Leggings - $34.99

WHY WE MADE IT: UA Base(TM) is a total overhaul of sweat-soaked, old-school long underwear. We improved its traditional waffle pattern-and supercharged it. The result is our sweat-wicking baselayer line-up that steps up the heat as the outside temps drop. UA Base(TM) 1.0 is light, early season cold protection for high activity levels. Our most versatile baselayer, UA Base(TM) 2.0 puts a lot more cold-weather days in play. Choose UA Base(TM) 3.0 when it gets really cold and you need to trap every last bit of your own heat. For times when you question the sanity of even being outdoors, UA Base(TM) 4.0 is going to keep you warm-period. When the rest of the world's inside, we know what drives athletes out into the cold. We've got your back. UA Base(TM) works double-time in these cold-weather leggings. Thicker UA Base(TM) 2.0 surrounds you with warmth. Thinner UA Base(R) 1.0 fabric on the inner thighs and lower leg wicks moisture as you work up a sweat. Because you're dry and warm, you'll perform better, fatigue slower, and stay comfortable longer. Throw in anti-odor technology, chafe-free flatlock seams, and a practical working fly. Take on the temp and win. Heavier UA Base(TM) 2.0 fabric close to torso keeps your core warmer, while lightweight UA Base(TM) 1.0 fabric under arms channels heat to extremities for dry comfortLightweight 4-way stretch fabrication improves range of motion and dries fasterMoisture Transport System wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortableAnti-odor technology prevents microbe growth that causes odorLeggings built with smooth flatlock seams and strategically placed ergonomic seams to reduce abrasionStrategic vent zones built into key heat-dumping points keep you cool, dry, and comfortableWorking fly for convenience100% PolyesterImported - $34.99