Memphis Grill Accessories - $39.99

Get the most out of your Memphis Wood-Fire Grill by adding these accessories.Available:Programmable Meat Probe: Plugs into the side of your Memphis Grill. Insert the probe into the meat and then set the the desired internal meat temperature. When that temperature is reached, the grill automatically lowers its temperature to the lowest setting to keep your food warm. Meat probe can be programmed from 130F to 250F.Cooking Grates: Increase the cooking surface area of your Memphis Grill by installing additional cooking grates. Theyre constructed of heavy-duty, easy-to-clean stainless steel.Sizes: Small (per 2), Large (per each).Genie Multitool: A must-have accessory for owners of all Memphis Wood Fire Grills. Use its integrated scraper to clean cooking grates. Remove and position grates with the U-shaped profile and hook. It has a flat edge for scraping out the Flavorizer. You can even sweep out the burn pot or use the tool to pop the top off a cool beverage.Dimensions: 11.5L x 7H x 3W.Built-In Heat Shield: Allows you to install your Memphis Built-In Wood-Fire Grill almost anywhere, even near combustible materials like wood. Includes two heavy-duty, stainless-steel heat shields.Dimensions: 16.2H x 2W x 21D.Direct Flame Insert: Combines the benefits of indirect heat with the direct-flame access that sears your meats and veggies for delicious char flavor. Memphis EZ Access Hatch allows easy access to the burn pot for cleaning and direct-flame cooking. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel.Dimensions: 1.3H x 11.6W x 10D. Type: Grill Accessories. Genie Multi Tool. - $39.99