MEC Steelmaster Reloader - $324.99

All MEC reloaders incorporate features that allow you to produce shotshells that will outperform factory loads at a fraction of the price! These top-quality features include: flip-top measure to permit powder and shot containers to be inserted or removed without spillage. Adjustable rammer tube for applying proper wad-column pressure. Cam-operated crimp for precise crimping and closing pressure. Automatic primer feed. Spindex2 crimp starter for automatic rotation and realignment on the original factory crimp. The Steelmaster is specially designed and completely equipped to reload steel shotshells. The single-stage Steelmaster features a wide-mouth shot bottle and large diameter metal drop tube for clean, clog-free shot flow. Also, a steel Shot Charge Bar with a rubber insert in the shot cavity that swallows shot to prevent jamming and eliminate damage to the shot and charge bar. Power Ring collet resizer completely resizes both high and low brass back to factory specs. Adjustable rammer tube applies proper pressure on the wad column. Exclusive three-stage cam-operated crimp provides precise closing pressure and crimping. Made in USA. Available: 10 gauge, 3-1/2 ; 12 gauge, 3 , and 3-1/2 . - $324.99