MEC 9000E Shotshell Reloader with Auto-Mate - $1,115.99

Reloading your own shotgun shells can be a rewarding and money-saving hobby. You can work up your own recipe to discover which loads work the best in your shotgun. Develop loads for specific shooting applications. Experience the satisfaction that comes from breaking clays and harvesting game with custom loads of your own creation. All MEC reloaders incorporate features for producing shotshells that outperform factory loads without the high cost. MECs top-quality features include: flip-top measure permits powder and shot containers to be inserted or removed without spillage, adjustable rammer tube applies proper wad-column pressure, cam-operated crimp for precise crimping and closing pressure, automatic primer feed, Spindex2 crimp starter for automatic rotation and realignment on the original factory crimp. Tired of pulling on a loader handle? Save strength and time with this fully automated 9000E reloader with Auto-Mate. Push-button simplicity produces shells with unmatched consistency. This innovative system pays for itself by increasing both the number and quality of shells you produce. The high-speed, high-volume 9000E features Auto-Dex automatic indexing that automatically moves shells through each stage and incorporates features that produce shotshells that will outperform factory loads at a fraction of the price. New MEC Progressive Primer Feed included. Finished shells are ejected and slide into your container where they can be boxed. Available: 12 ga., 16 ga., 20 ga., 28 ga. and .410 bore. - $1,115.99