Maxflash 8GB Action SDHC Card Class 10 - $15.95

You could slip any memory card into your helmet camera, but why trust some drugstore-grade storage solution when you can reach for the Maxflash 8GB Action SDHC Card Class 10. Maxflash tests its memory cards for performance and compatibility with all the major helmet camera companies, and with a ten year warranty, you know this card is covered. This is the premier high-speed storage solution for tiny cameras that take big hits in nasty environments.Class 10 rating makes this one of the fastest read/write storage solutions for digital cameras Read speeds up to 20 MB/s and write speeds up to 15 MB/s so you can record in full HD without any hiccups in performance or buffering issues Card operates in a temperature range from 0 degrees Centigrade to 70 degrees Centigrade Tested to withstand high levels of shock from impact while installed in a sports camera or POV camera Compatible with digital cameras and POV cameras that accept SDHC memory cards for storage - $15.95