Mavic Yksion Pro Powerlink SSC Tubular Tire - $99.95

As you've surely heard by now, this year brings the advent of Mavic's front- and rear-specific line of Yksion Pro Tubular Tires. And featured here is the rear-specific part of that line, the Yksion Pro Powerlink SSC Tubular Tire. And while its SSC designation only equates to a corresponding red label with your SSC-designated rear wheel, we argue that you can't put a price on streamlined aesthetics. Mavic gave this tire a 210TPI nylon casing, meaning that the sidewalls are comprised of 210 threads of nylon per inch. And if you're wondering why there are 'threads,' this is because the Yksion Pro is what's referred to as a poly-cotton tire. This method of casing provides the ideal stiffness-to-weight ratio. By this, we mean that the tire's weight hovers around 230 grams, while still retaining a perfect level of flexibility for cornering. Along these lines, you'll notice that the casing's relatively high TPI equates to fine-grade nylon fibers used in its composition. Accordingly, the fine fibers are quite malleable, and this flexibility creates a more adaptable interface for the tire's rubber contact surface during cornering. So, this design provides a higher level of grip than the standard rubber. Additionally, the weave's density also absorbs a great deal of impact, while also contributing to a low-level of rolling resistance. This equates directly to both comfort and speed. Now, while the aforementioned translates to strength and speed, you're probably still wondering, what makes a tire 'rear-specific'' Well, simply put, the Powerlink features a different rubber compound and tread pattern than the front Griplink tire. In terms of responsibility, the front tire has to place a focus on grip and handling, while the rear tire places a focus on power transfer, low rolling-resistance, and load capacity. Accordingly, the Powerlink utilizes Mavic's dual compound design. - $99.95