Mavic Tri Race Shoes - $129.95

Let's not kid ourselves, the cycling leg of a triathlon is all about speed. There aren't any team tactics or bearded Italians jamming frame pumps into your spokes. No, it's about getting from A to B as fast as possible. However, where many shoe makers go wrong is in not understanding that there are two sets of 'A to B.' First, there's T1 and then there's the ride. Lucky for you, Mavic gets it, and with its Tri Race Shoes, you get a direct delivery of power with a patented entry and exit system. Your life just got faster. The Tri Race uses Mavic's Energy Carbon Comp outsole. Not only does this design minimize weight, but with its rigid composition and low stack height, the composite outsole experiences little energy loss during the transfer to the pedals. Essentially, the outsole is comprised of composite glass fibers and nylon insert that's been reinforced with carbon. And while it doesn't quite match the rigidity of the Helium's Energy SLR carbon outsole, you'll find that the Energy design is more forgiving in preparation for the run. However, this engineered flexibility doesn't take away from the shoe's power transmission. Additionally, your stroke efficiency is further maximized through Mavic's synthetic heel counter. The heel is secured above the calcaneous bone in order to eliminate heel slippage. Energy transmission is maximized throughout the shoe at a fraction of the weight of a traditionally injected heel counter. Along the lines of comfort, you'll notice that the majority of the Tri Race's uppers are comprised of a highly breathable mesh. This way, moisture is quickly evaporated after T1 and during your ride. You'll also find that Mavic incorporated a sophisticated insole, the Ergo Fit 2D. This insole features a pre-shaped, dual-density construction that targets the dampening of ride vibration, moisture management, breathability, and antimicrobial protection. For the entry and exit, Mavic understands that triathlon plays by another set of rules. - $129.95