Mavic Sprint Knickers - $139.95

While Mavic's line of Sprint apparel is intended for warmer weather, the extra coverage of the Sprint Knickers make them perfect for cool coastal mornings that end in the mountain tops. And if the sun heats things up, Mavic's Wick Matrix ST fabric will keep your body temperature in check. Wick Matrix ST is a lightweight polyester blend with excellent breathability. This keeps cool air moving over your body, however, that's not the extent of this fabric's technical ability. It also pulls perspiration away from your skin so it can be quickly evaporated at the material's surface. Additionally, the fabric also has a UPF protection level of 30+. So, your skin will be protected on long, exposed sections of road. But, no matter how long the ride, you'll find reassuring comfort in the form of Mavic's Ergo 3D pad. Anatomically correct support is supplied by three different density layers and six different thicknesses. A moisture wicking, low density, and open cell foam pulls perspiration away from the skin, and it has an antimicrobial treatment to fight bacteria. This first layer is incredibly soft against the skin in order to prevent irritation, but for long-distance comfort, Mavic uses two more higher-density foams. This combination allows unrestricted pedaling along with the support and cushion needed for many hours on the saddle. At the top of the Sprint Knicker, Mavic uses a mesh bib to allow fresh air to circulate and for heat to escape. And at the bottom, external leg grippers keep the knickers from riding up as you pedal. The Mavic Sprint Knickers are available in seven sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large and in the colors Black and Black/white. - $139.95