Mavic Sprint H2O Jacket - $159.95

When you've stashed the Mavic Sprint H2O Jacket in a jersey rear pocket, you're ready for wind and rain during any ride. This is due to its Air Mesh fabric, seam sealing, and Ergo Cuffs providing a veritable fortress against nasty weather. The Air Mesh fabric provides a waterproof level of protection up to 9000mm water column. Essentially, this amounts to protection from either light rain or dry snow. However, with the jacket's fully-sealed seam construction, we predict that it's capable of withstanding far more. This is why Mavic has bestowed its coveted Rain Ride classification upon it. And when you think about the title of the fabric, 'Air Mesh,' this level of protection quickly becomes rather incredible. Why' Well, Air Mesh is an open-structured material, meaning that breathability is pronounced. However, while excess heat is allowed to escape the core region, Mavic has ensured that nothing is getting in. Thus, you remain shielded from the elements without becoming overly sweaty as a consequence. In terms of fit, though, the Sprint H2O's anatomic design continues the aforementioned waterproof characteristics. By this, we mean that Mavic's incorporation of its Ergo Cuffs guarantees a stop to water seepage at the sleeve, while the cut itself adapts to the body in order to prevent moisture infiltration at the bottom hem and collar. For a complete closure, the jacket features a full-length zip lets, and for storage of your ride essentials, Mavic also included one chest pockets along with a large rear pocket. The Mavic Sprint H2O Jacket is available in seven sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large and in the colors Boltblue/white and White/black. - $159.95