Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet - $132.00

Though the professional peloton's helmets have long been co-dominated by Giro and Bell, the Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet is the type of advanced technology coupled with amazing looks that usually turns heads while saving them. Mark our words, helmets this well made have every promise of becoming as ubiquitous as the Mavic wheels already are in professional and amateur ranks. First and foremost, Mavic have taken a hard look at how they can create helmets with a supreme fit that are lighter, better ventilated, and extremely safe all at the same time. First Mavic looked at optimizing the actual shape of the helmet. They conducted cranial mapping tests to make sure that their helmet shapes closely match typical head shapes with pressure points and contours identified and accounted for. The interior shape of the helmet consequently flows along with the curves of the skull. While the helmets are designed around the average shape, Mavic knew that no two heads are the same, and their Ergo Hold System allows for as much as 6 centimeters of one-handed size adjustment. For the final touches on fit perfection, as well as excellent moisture management, Mavic has included their Ergo Fit Pro Pad with X-Static. It might not seem like much when you look at it, but the Ergo Fit Pro Pad is a low density, open cell foam that wicks water from the skin and transports it to where it can evaporate quickly. Featured in the material is the latest savior for those of us who hate to smell like sweat and synthetic fabrics when we are finished with a rideX-Static. Though developed for industrial and medical products, it didn't take long for commercial manufacturers to see how well it would work in athletic equipment. As a fiber with a layer of 99.9% pure silver, X-Static keeps odors to a minimum and reduces static. With your head thus comforted on the inside, Mavic took a hard look at what they could do for the exterior of the helmet. - $132.00