Mavic Plasma Helmet - $179.95

In the initial design phase of the Plasma Helmet, Mavic asked itself a nagging question -- why should anyone have to buy a helmet for both mountain and road' Accordingly, Mavic developed a lightweight, well-ventilated, and aerodynamic shape that satisfies our inner-roadie, while maintaining a rough-and-tumble durability for the trail. Most importantly, Mavic devoted itself to making the Plasma the most comfortable helmet that you'll try on all year. First, Mavic looked at optimizing the actual shape of the helmet. So, it conducted cranial mapping tests to make certain that the Plasma closely matches typical head shapes. Additionally, Mavic identified the not-so-obvious pressure points and contours, and made the interior shape of the helmet consequently flow along with the curves of the skull. But, even with a mound of data, there were still variances. This is where Mavic's Ergo Hold System comes into play. It allows for as much as six centimeters of one-handed, on-the-fly size adjustment. For the final touches on fit perfection, as well as excellent moisture management, Mavic also included its Ergo Fit Pro Pad. At first glance, it might not seem like much, but the Ergo Fit Pro Pad is a low density, open cell foam that wicks water away from the skin and transports it to where it can quickly evaporate. After guaranteeing comfort, Mavic took a hard look at the aerodynamic and durability aspects of the exterior. First, Mavic fashioned a sleek, low-volume profile. Then, looking towards ventilation, Mavic addressed a common ailment of helmet design. Typically, increased ventilation equates directly to a decreased level of impact security. Not accepting this give-and-take principle, Mavic developed the Ergo Protec Alutex reinforcement. This technology makes it possible to build in huge frontal ventilation ports without compromising any of the helmet's crash protection. - $179.95