Mavic Oxygen H20 Jacket - Women's - $199.90

Cycling is a sport that owes much of its harrowing nature to Murphy's Law. If something can go wrong on your bike, or with the weather, chances are it probably will. Luckily though, keeping the Mavic Oxygen H20 Jacket on hand will dramatically reduce your chances of having a another ride ruined by a deluge. The Oxygen H20 is a seam-sealed storm fortress constructed from Mavic's superlight and waterproof Dura Lite Rain SL fabric. The jacket's subtle elasticity and unique ergonomic fit ensures complete weatherproof coverage as you're hammering away in the saddle. Mavic also included a unique asymmetrical zipper to limit zipper irritation and pressure points from your layers. Best of all' Once Murphy has done his worst and given up, you can stash the jacket in the bottom of a jersey pocket, with plenty of room to spare for your essentials. - $199.90