Mavic Notch Shorts Set - $119.95

You'll never find cargo pockets on a pair of spandex shorts because of the nano-seconds lost to air resistance. It's also rarer than a double rainbow to see road cyclist with a hydration pack, as it's a peloton no-no considering that they prefer team jerseys with rear pockets. Mountain bike shorts like Mavic's Notch Shorts Set, on the other hand, rely on those side pockets. Why' Well, because packs negate rear-jersey pockets, and easy-to-grab gels from a cargo pocket while riding are essential to stacking up off-road miles. And, due to the Notch's removable liner with an Ergo 2D chamois insert, you'll enjoy anatomically correct comfort throughout the extent of long rides. The Ergo 2D insert uses a moisture wicking, low density, open cell foam to pull perspiration from the skin along with an antimicrobial treatment to fight bacteria. This first layer is incredibly soft against the skin in order to prevent irritation. But, for long-distance comfort, Mavic teamed up the low density with a higher density foam. This combination allows unrestricted pedaling along with the support needed for multiple hours in the saddle. The Notch's fabric contributes to cycling comfort as well. In fact, Mavic uses two distinct fabrics, Sleek Wick ST and Trail Tech XL to provide durability, flexibility, and water-resistance. Sleek Wick ST is an incredibly soft fabric with a natural elasticity that allows a complete freedom of movement. It's also designed to pull perspiration away from the skin in order to keep you cool and dry. Trail Tech XL is a durable fabric that resists abrasion on the rocks and dirt involved with aggressive trail ridding. Finishing the Notch off is a Durable Water Resistance (DWR) treatment that sheds mud and water from creek crossings. The Mavic Notch Shorts Set is available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the colors Autobahn and Black. - $119.95