Mavic Notch Graphic Jersey - $59.95

When it's heating up outside, Mavic's Notch Graphic Jersey is just getting comfortable. This warm weather jersey has a relaxed fit and sweat-wicking materials that enable you to focus on the ride at hand, not your jersey. For its construction, Mavic built the Notch Graphic jersey out of a proprietary polyester blend that's called Ride Wick. Key to your comfort, Mavic chose this fabric for its light weight and moisture wicking properties. By wicking sweat away from the skin, the Notch jersey is able to use evaporative cooling to lower your core temperature. And in case you're wondering what 'evaporative cooling' is, basically, as moisture evaporates, it drives down the temperature of the surrounding air. So, both your jersey and your skin stay cool and dry. And to take this thermo-regulation a step even further, the lightweight fabric provides a high-level of air permeability, furthering the jersey's core-cooling airflow. A relaxed, trail-oriented cut keeps the Notch jersey close to the skin, while still providing enough room to keep the jersey casual and comfortable. Additionally, the jersey features a 1/3-length front zipper that lets you evacuate heat in a hurry. This zipper leads up to a low profile collar that stays against your neck when your zipper is open. Mavic forgoes lower-back pockets in favor of one zipper pocket on the chest. This affords you some storage options, while also acknowledging that hydration packs have become the standard for mountain bikers everywhere. The Mavic Notch Graphic Jersey is available in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large and in the colors Yellow Mavic/black and White/black. - $59.95