Mavic Inferno Gloves - $35.97

Subfreezing temperatures are a enough to keep the most dedicated cyclist indoors. However, if you're willing to make a small investment into proper riding attire for beyond frigid days, you can pedal through just about anything. Case in point are the Mavic Inferno Gloves. If you're anything like us, your hands are the first extremities to succumb to the freeze. No longer. With a claimed degree of protection down to five degrees Fahrenheit, the threat of frozen digits are no longer an excuse to roll on the indoor trainer. Starting with the shell of the Inferno, Mavic covered the uppers with the patented Thinsulate insulation fabric. This material provides the perfect ratio between dexterity and insulating warmth. What we mean by this is that an all-to-common ailment of low-temperature gloves is the loss of full movement. However, Thinsulate, as its name suggests, is extremely thin, leading to an easy articulation of your fingers. Additionally, this fabric is extremely warming. As we previously stated, Mavic suggests using these gloves between the temperatures of five and forty degrees Fahrenheit. But, don't let that wide temperature range scare you off from using these in the upper 30s. We say this because Thinsulate is quite effective at wicking away excess moisture from the skin. So, within the recommended range, your hands will remain dry and comfortable, mile after mile. And going a step even further, Mavic has fully-taped the seams of the gloves in order to compliment Thinsulates water-resistance. So, with the extra addition of a DWR finish, the Inferno is capable of withstanding water up to 4000mm water column. And while the element protection of the Inferno gloves is fabulous, warmth is only important part of the equation. Of course, vibration absorption and adjustability are the others. So, Mavic incorporated what it calls its Ergo Palm Concept with the Inferno. - $35.97